The Energy Queen


I find that so many women deprive and starve their bodies to lose weight, and then struggle to keep it off like I used to, because they haven’t made the changes to their lifestyle or habits to support long term maintenance of their results.

So they end up feeling tired and frustrated with themselves when all they really want is to be comfortable in their own bodies, and to wake up every morning feeling really well.

My passion is giving hope to these women that they can lose weight, increase their energy levels and sustain their new level of health long term.

I will empower and support you to create sustainable health results by focusing on your nutrition, lifestyle and mindset. To help you take control of your physical health and mindset, to increase energy and vitality, and improve self esteem.

I truly believe that everybody deserves to live life as the healthiest happiest version of themselves, and there is nothing more satisfying than empowering others to achieve their goals and redefine their “normal”.

As such I strive each day to show up as the best possible version of myself, so that I can be an inspiration to others .