I refuse to have a bad day!

Today didn’t start off that great. I haven’t run since the weekend because I had some tenderness in my right achilles and I wanted to rest it. I had planned to meet a friend this morning for a hilly trail hike but when I woke up it was still sore and I had to take the sensible option of a couple more days rest.

This put me in a bad mood! I was snappy, irritable, and because I stayed in bed too long rather than get up and do something else other than run I had a fuzzy head.

In the past I would have let this setback determine how my whole day was going to pan out – and it would have been one bad experience after another. But here’s the thing – you get what you focus on!

I will never forget last year when I was at a leadership seminar that Colin James was talking at (http://www.colinjamesmethod.com.au/colin-james-speaker/) He said people never have bad days, they just have bad moments. Whether you allow that bad moment to turn into a bad day, or whether you let it go and turn it around is entirely up to you!

I am no bad daysconfident that today is going to be a fantastic day!

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