Mindset is everything – trust your instincts


I have been doing a lot of work around mindset for the last couple of years and my instincts were telling me this morning to write about it, so here are a few things I have learnt about myself and others:

1) People come into our lives for different reasons, some stay around and some are only here for a short time. Stop trying to hold onto people who have already served their intended purpose in your life. Let them go.

2) Don’t treat people how you would like to be treated, treat them how they WANT to be treated.

3) We all live our life by our own set of values and beliefs – understand that someone else may have completely different values and opinions to you and that is OK. Continue to live your life aligned with your core values and don’t try to change other people.

4) People either act out of love or fear. If someone says or does something that you perceive as being hurtful, realise that it is never about you. They are always acting out of fear or insecurity about themselves.

5) We have the ability to perceive any situation in either a positive or a negative light. We get to choose our thoughts about anything that happens and this in turn impacts our feelings. Positive thoughts = positive feelings.

6) What you focus on you will attract more of into your life, so focus your energy on the things that you do want not the things that you don’t want.

7) If a certain person has personality traits that you find intensely annoying, this is a sure sign that you actually dislike these things about yourself – take a look in the mirror.

8) Always assume positive intent from other people.

9) It’s never too late to change. You don’t need to see the whole staircase – all it takes is the first step.

10) Always trust your instincts – they will never ever guide you in the wrong direction


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