I didn’t really discover the need for detoxing my body until my mid forties. Up until then I had never really thought about what I was putting into my body and how it was affecting my performance and my wellness.

Looking back, I can identify that I so many symptoms throughout the whole of my adult life, but it was just my normal. I never really thought that I could do anything about it. Everyone else seemed to be suffering in exactly the same ways.

Of course, once I started incorporating nutritional cleansing into my lifestyle on a regular basis I very quickly realised that I had wasted all of those years feeling sick and tired for nothing.

So what are the 3 common signs that your body is in need of a detox?

1: The weight won’t budge

As a yoyo dieter from a very young age I struggled with this one my whole life. Yes if I was super strict on a “diet” the weight would go down but it was never sustainable and always crept back up.

If you are struggling to lose that last few kgs then a detox can be a great kickstart. In particular it really helped budge the weight around my tummy that had started accumulating since I hit my forties.

2: Feeling tired all of the time

I relied on caffeine to get me through the day – strong coffee and lots of it, along with artificially sweetened soft drinks. It gave me short lived energy but the crash was bad.

As an ultramarathon runner, I would get up and train in the morning, sometimes for hours, but would then need a couple of hours sleep to recover in the afternoon. I felt like I was constantly running on empty, even though I was getting enough sleep at night.

I was amazed at how much energy I had when I started detoxing my body of all the crap in my system.

3:Mood swings

Mood swings can be a sign that your hormones are out of balance and again this can be caused by toxins in your system. This was just a normal part of life for me and always had been.

In fact the very first thing I noticed when I started being more aware of what I was putting in my body and did my first two day cleanse was that my anxiety and moods were a lot less severe. To be honest it was worth it just for that (at least that’s what my husband said!)

So there you have it – 3 COMMON SIGNS  that your body is in need of a DETOX. 






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