Most people would agree that it would be great to have more energy at Christmas.

Battling through the crowded shops to buy presents at the last minute, wrapping said presents, putting up festive decorations, cooking Christmas dinner, dealing with kids who are high on sugar and excitement…Christmas can be an exhausting time of year!

And that’s before we even think about all those parties – who has energy for those after all that???

I believe that if you keep your health as a priority, it IS possible to get through the Christmas season feeling energised rather than exhausted. Try out my five top tips and you will power through the holidays with energy to spare!


Overindulgence is something that we all do at Christmas, but seriously do you really need that family size tin of chocolates? (Especially if the kids have already left home!) You will get short term energy from a massive sugar high, but the crash will leave you feeling worse.

Focus on quality over quantity – treat yourself to a small box of gourmet chocolates if that’s your thing. But also make sure that the majority of your diet is still focused around good quality nutrition – you are going to have far more energy if you are feeding your body all of the nutritients that it needs rather than snacking your way through the day.


Do you find time to exercise over the Christmas holidays or do you convince yourself that you just can’t fit it in with everything else going on? Well it’s worthwhile finding the time.

If going to the gym or going for a run isn’t your thing then how about getting outside with the family for a walk or bike ride?

Exercising over Christmas is going to give you more energy, help to relieve stress and boost your endorphins so that you feel calmer and happier. Plus it will get the kids away from their electronics and you away from the chocolate box…


It’s easy with all the entertaining and parties to let our hair down, get into the Christmas spirit(s) and drink more than we maybe would normally.

Excess alcohol consumption can cause dehydration, which amongst other things can make your energy levels dip, so make sure that along with those alcoholic drinks you are also consuming plenty of water to keep you hydrated.

Ideally try and have some alcohol free days between Christmas and New Year to ensure that you get your hydration levels back up again.


Stress and anxiety can definitely affect our energy levels, and Christmas is probably one of the most stressful times of the year for a lot of people.

Make sure that you take time out for yourself to do something that you love. Maybe it’s going for a run, some alone time to read a book, take a bath or meditate.

Prioritising time to do something every day that is going to help you destress and re-energise will ensure that you sail through Christmas much calmer and happier than if you let that stress build up.


It’s hard to keep to your regular sleep pattern over Christmas what with so much to do, visitors, parties and excited kids. But if you are not getting enough sleep then your energy levels are definitely going to be down.

A 20-30 minute power nap during the day can work wonders to boost your energy and your mood. Try not to go over 30 minutes though or you will go into a deeper sleep and may wake up feeling groggy.

For the ultimate boost you could try a CAFFEINE NAP (apparently it’s a thing!!)

I definitely like the sound of this one! It takes around 15-20 minutes for your body to respond to caffeine so if you have a double espresso (or other caffeinated drink) straight before your nap, the effects will be kicking in just as you wake up.

If you are interested to know what my favourite caffeine energy source is then check out my recent blog post

Try my TOP FIVE TIPS FOR MORE ENERGY THIS CHRISTMAS and let me know if they worked for you – I would love to hear your feedback!




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