I am a big fan of ice-cream, especially during summer in Australia. Unfortunately it is one of my trigger foods, and so I can’t keep it in the house as it just wouldn’t last!

I love Halo Top protein ice-cream as a treat (the vanilla is my favourite!) but for something I can have guilt free anytime I make up a super yummy health frozen protein yogurt.

It’s so simple and only has 3 ingredients:

100g greek yogurt – Chobani is my favourite ❤

1 scoop flavoured protein powder

Some frozen fruit.

Just mix the protein powder into the yogurt, add the fruit and freeze for a couple of hours. That’t it!!

It’s still soft enough not to break the spoon but cold enough to cool you down 🙂

Some other flavour combinations I have tried in the past:

Vanilla with mango

Chocolate with cherries or berries

Chocolate mint

Chocolate with orange electrolyte

The list is endless!

Try out my recipie for Yummy Healthy Frozen Protein Yogurt and let me know what your favourite flavour combo is – I am always keen to try new ones!!!


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