3 Expert Tips for Growing an Awesome Network Marketing Team


Earlier this year I was lucky enough to spend a day training with the ultimate Network Marketing Pro Eric Worre. Eric has been a leader in the network marketing profession for almost 30 years. You can imagine I was pretty excited!!

Throughout the day, Eric shared with us so much valuable content. What really stood out to me was these 3 expert tips for working with and growing your team.

Tip 1 – The Magic of $1

To increase retention in your business, get your people paid as soon as possible. As soon as someone has earnt as little as $1, their belief levels will rise and they are more likely to stay.

Stats show that for people earning just $300 income a month the retention rate is a staggering 99%. $300 additional income from a part time business can make a massive difference to a lot of families who are struggling.

Tip 2 – Work with your Super Recruiters

When your team starts to grow there is no way you can work individually with every single person. You need to give most of your energy and time to those who are committed to growing a business.

Super Recruiters are people in your downline who have recruited 10 or more people. These business builders are in it for the long haul, they have caught the vision. Work with them to help them reach their goals, and this will in turn help your business grow.

Tip 3 – Major Event Attendance

We hear this one all the time – if you want to grow your business then you have to get your team to your company’s major events. Every person that you have attend a major event with you is worth an additional $1000 to your business over the next year. More if it’s an overseas event.

Of course, in order to get your people to events you have to step up as the Leader and attend all of the events yourself – you can’t expect your team to do something that you are not willing to do, right?

As I said, there was so much more valuable content shared, so if you ever get a chance to spend time at one of Eric’s events I highly recommend it.

I am live streaming his annual 3 day Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event from Las Vegas this weekend – can’t wait to hear Tony Robbins and Richard Branson speak!!

If you are interested to hear what else I learnt from Eric then head over to the contact me page and shoot me a message 🙂


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