Dream On! Daydreaming can lead to Spectacular Results!!


I was watching a recording from a leadership summit in Vegas today and the presenter was talking about dreams. Not the kind you have while you are asleep, the kind you have when you are awake. A daydream.

Now I don’t know about you but as a kid I often remember being told to stop daydreaming and pay more attention! It was seen as an indulgence that was a waste of time.

But is it really?

Not according to the speaker. He told of two such dreams that he had specifically written down in a journal that came true for him. One was to walk the red carpet at the Academy Awards (he isn’t an actor or anyone famous) The other he wrote down 10 years ago, which was to be a space traveller.

One has already come true and the other, well he has his ticket booked…

Just to be clear here, a dream is not the same as a goal. With a goal you need to believe that you are going to reach it and have a plan of action to get there.

So what’s different about a dream?

With a dream you don’t need to believe them when you write them down – at the age of 10 he says he certainly didn’t believe he would ever go to the Academy Awards, much less walk the red carpet. He knew it was possible, but not necessarily for him. It was a nice dream to have so he wrote it down, but he didn’t really think too much about it after that.

With a dream you don’t need a plan of how you are going to get there – why would you have a plan if you don’t actually believe that it is a possibility for you?

I found this fascinating! Unlike goals, writing down your dreams is stress free – if you don’t believe that it will happen then you are not attached to the outcome. And what a nice surprise if it does come true!!

Every year, he suggested writing down 3 or 4 dreams, maybe in a journal or a dream jar, and then just forget about them. What can it hurt?

I am certainly going to try it – are you?

I would love to know what your big dreams are!

(PS one of my big dreams is to own a brand new red BMW Z4 convertible – just putting it out there to The Universe 😉 )

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