Who Else Wants to Not Gain Weight this Christmas?


It’s no surprise that Christmas is the time of year when the majority of people kick back, overindulge and end up with a few extra kgs come January 1st. It seems to start earlier and earlier every year – just the amount of parties in the lead up before the big day can see the scales starting to rise.

I know in the past I have been exactly the same, overdoing it and then regretting it, starting off January with another resolution to lose weight. SO I thought I would share with you some tips that I will be following this year to ensure that I don’t gain weight this Christmas!

Quality over quantity. Treat yourself to indulgences, it is Christmas after all. But rather than buying a lot of cheaper things, why not buy something a bit more expensive and just have less? Like a gourmet box of chocolates rather than the tin of Quality Street. Or some really nice different cheeses and meats. Or a premium bottle of wine.If you don’t overbuy food then it won’t be there to tempt you. And remember, the shops are only closed for a couple of days, not the whole week…

Don’t overeat or drink every day. Christmas really is only one day and I think we can all be forgiven for going a bit overboard if we want. The problem is when that carries on for the next week until New Year, or even worse until we go back to work which could be a couple of weeks. That’s a lot of time to do some serious damage. I am a big fan of intermittent fasting and I will be doing at least one or two fast days between Christmas and New Year to keep my weight in check, and keep my energy levels high.

Exercise. Ok for those who know me I am sure you were expecting this one to come up 😉 but it’s true – so often we use Christmas holidays as an excuse to take time off from our usual routine, when in fact we generally have more time to do it! Seems crazy. I will certainly be getting out there and running and going to the gym just like I usually do. If you find it hard to get time alone to do your thing then maybe organise family outings around exercise such as hikes, bike rides, footy in the park etc.

Accountability. It’s so much easier to be strong when you are being held accountable by someone else. Be it your partner, your workout buddy or your best friend, tell somebody else your goal and ask them to keep you accountable. If you are feeling weak willed then have  chat with them and ask them to help you get back on track.

Mindset. There is a lot of truth in the saying “thoughts become things”. Check out where your mind is at, what are you telling yourself in your head, what are you focusing on? If all you are telling yourself is that you are weak, you can’t do this, you always put on weight so why should this year be any different….what do you think is going to happen? Don’t focus on what you don’t want, focus on what you do want. For me this is to start 2017 off feeling healthy, happy and strong, and I know that what I feed myself over Christmas will determine how I feel about myself come January 1st.

I hope these tips are helpful for you, if only to make you more aware of your habits over the festive season. Please let me know how they work out for you and share with your friends.

Of course if you do get to January and the scales are not being kind to you then I can help you with that too – just message me on the contact page for a chat.

Happy Christmas everyone 🙂



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