Freedom Living – What does it Mean to You?


When I first joined network marketing there seemed to be this whole buzz around knowing what your WHY was. It was the all important question! You needed a WHY that made you CRY or you weren’t going to make it in this business. At least that’s how it seemed to a newbie like me.

I heard stories from people who had massive WHY‘s that made me cry. Like retiring your mum who has worked tirelessly to bring up her family on her own with no support. Like losing a massive amount of weight and wanting to inspire others to do the same. Like wanting to be at home to watch your kids grow up and be a part of their everyday lives. These were massive WHY‘s but they weren’t mine – they didn’t fit my journey or my story.

I struggled for a couple of years probably trying to work out what my WHY really was. I am sure all of the perfectionists out there can relate – I didn’t want to choose the wrong one! How did I know, really know, what my WHY was? It was all very overwhelming and confusing to me.

Of course now I realise that your WHY can change over time, that whatever it starts out as being it’s likely to change as you and your business grow. Over the last year or so I have really been able to define WHY I am doing this – what the end goal is.


Simple as that. I want a freedom lifestyle. But what does that mean? How does that look? I guess everyone would have a different definition but for me it encompasses every area of my life.


This is an obvious one. I want to have the finances to be able to do what I want when I want. Residual income rocks in that respect – getting paid time and time again for work that you did once? Sounds like a no brainer to me.

Don’t get me wrong, network marketing is no get rich quick scheme, but if you put the work in during your first five years you will be reaping the benefits. It sure beats working for pay in my mind – that’s never going to give you financial freedom. You are just working hard to build someone else’s fortune.

And it’s not all about me. I want my parents not to have to worry about whether their investments are making enough for them to live on. I want to be able to pay for my family to visit me in Australia. I want to leave behind a financial legacy for my nephews and my stepchildren. I want to be able to contribute back to others.


This one for me is even bigger than financial freedom. There is no point having money if you don’t have time to enjoy it!

Having the freedom and flexibility to plan my day as I choose is massive for me. To train when I like, work when I like, meet friends for coffee or lunch without having to watch the clock.

To be able to travel the world without being restricted to an annual leave allowance.

I remember back in my early thirties I gave up my job and went travelling around the world for a year – I had the best time of my life! Waking up every day with nowhere to be, being able to do exactly as I pleased.

That’s the ultimate in freedom living for me.


I get to choose who I want to work with which is a huge deal. A lot of people don’t have that choice. We spend so much time at work and if the people you are working with are negative, if the environment is toxic and stressed then this really can affect your life.

I get to choose where I want to work. Having an “at home” business which can be predominantely online means that I can literally work from anywhere as long as I have my laptop, my phone and wifi. Which means I can live wherever I like and travel as much as I want – definitely a plus point. Especially when your business happens to be launching in the UK soon 😉

I get to choose who I listen to and who I learn from. No more having a boss to answer to, of not being able to express my views or having to do something a certain way. I get to develop and grow as my business does.

So there you have it – I have finally discovered my WHY and it’s FREEDOM. Who would have thought it could be that simple?

I would love to hear from you – what does FREEDOM LIVING mean to you?

If you are interested in chatting about the opportunity to start your own at home business so that you can start working towards a freedom lifestyle, head across to the contact me page and send me a message 🙂



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