Why I Gave Up Coffee for 30 Days


I still remember that morning almost 3 years ago when I was challenged to give up coffee for 30 days.

My initial thought was one of panic – I can’t do that!

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to. I knew that I was addicted, that my body relied on coffee daily in order to function.

I just couldn’t see a way out of it!

My day would start off with my husband bringing me a double shot in bed, just to wake me up and clear the brain fog. (He makes a pretty good cup of coffee as you can see above!)

If for some reason I skipped the wake up juice, you could guarantee I would have a withdrawal headache by mid morning, by which time I was ready for another one regardless.

See that’s the trouble with coffee – it gave me an initial burst of energy, but was always followed by the crash, which meant I needed another one to refocus.

I used to think I was pretty virtuous as I never drank coffee after midday… nope that was when I started on the energy drinks.

Pepsi Max was my favourite – cause you know it’s got no sugar so therefore good for me…


To be honest the coffee was better for me than the artificially sweetened chemicals that I consumed daily thinking I was being “healthy“.

It satisfied my sweet tooth (a whole other story!) and it pains me to admit that I could easily get through a 2L bottle a day.

So here I was, in my mid-forties, feeling run down, overwhelmed and relying on coffee and energy drinks to keep me awake and focused enough to concentrate on my new business.

Life was busy and the last thing I needed was to give up my safety net…

So Why Did I Give It Up?

Well that’s a great question.

It wasn’t the fact that I was challenged to do it – although I admit I can be a little competitive and a bit of a perfectionist…

Like I said before, it’s not that I didn’t want to, I knew it was affecting my health. I just didn’t think I could.

The reason I gave it up, is because somebody else believed in me and was willing to support me through it.

Simple as that.

Somebody was there for me, who believed for me when I didn’t believe myself that I could possibly go cold turkey for 30 days straight.

And do you know how he knew I could do it? 

Because he had been there. In that exact same situation. And he had done it, so he knew I could too.

The absolutely best advice that I was given when attempting to give up coffee for 30 days was focus on one day at a time, so as not to get too overwhelmed.

Get up every morning and tell myself ” I am not going to drink coffee today “

So that’s what I did.

Now I am not going to tell you I breezed through with absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. That would be a little unbelievable.

Yes I had a withdrawal headache for a few days.

But given that I had been drinking coffee for well over 30 years (I started young!) I was pretty amazed to wake up on Day 4 to find that the headache was gone as had the early morning brain fog.

I felt alert, well rested and more energetic than I had in years.

And the rest of the 30 days really was a breeze – I didn’t even want coffee!

Pretty amazing!!

The bonus side effect was that the anxiety knot that had lived in my stomach for as long as I could remember also disappeared.

I had never linked my coffee habit with anxiety before!

So I know you are all wondering – what happened after the 30 days was up?


I started drinking coffee again – um hello!

Like I said my husband makes the best coffee, you don’t think I am gonna deprive myself for evermore do you??

Yes I drink coffee, most days because I love the taste, and I love the social aspect of meeting friends and business collegues for a coffee.

I drink coffee because I enjoy it not because I need it.

BIG difference!

And every so often I will give it up again, for a few days, for a week even for 30 days.

Just to prove I can.

You can too!!!

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I market a product for busy women who feel run down, overwhelmed and want to be able to power through their day without having to rely on coffee or energy drinks to keep them alert like I used to. Do you know anyone who might be interested in a product like that? I would love to talk with them to see if we can work together. Sara










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