detox8I can’t believe a week has gone by already, and it’s getting easier by the day.

I went for a run along the beachfront this morning and saw the sunrise 💙

I ran past one of the cafes that I would usually stop and have a coffee at.

Whilst I wasn’t actually craving the taste of coffee, I still felt a little disappointed that I couldn’t stop for my usual ritual.

It got me thinking, so often in life when we do things, we don’t do it for the physical act, we do it for the feeling that it is going to give us.

For me the experience of sitting at a beach side cafe at sunrise enjoying a macchiato is much more than just the act of having a coffee.

It’s a feeling of calmness and gratitude for the day ahead.

I used to be totally addicted to coffee to wake me up and get rid of my fuzzy head every morning. Without it I had a withdrawal headache by 10am. If you can relate to this, or know someone who could, I would love to have a chat.


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