detox30.jpgLast day of my coffee detox and I celebrated with a lie in and a lemon ginger tea in my WGG mug (shows how old it is as we have been married over 4 years!) I have to say it’s been an experience giving up the coffee again for a month.

Physically no dramas whatsoever. I had no withdrawal headaches so it’s good to know that my body is no longer reliant on coffee to function.

Mentally it was way harder. I still really wanted to have a coffee for the taste and especially the social aspect.

It made me realise how powerful our habits are, and how committed we need to be to change them.

I got to try some new things that I probably wouldn’t have, such as the awesome beetroot latte from @rawespresso.

And of course my favourite golden latte from my favourite West End coffee place @cheekybeanespressobar .

Posting up every day has really helped to keep me accountable so thank you to all of those who supported me.
And to those who followed along just so that they could bitch about it, well all I can say is that says a lot about who you are as a person.

Cannot wait for tomorrow morning

Are you a bit too reliant on coffee to get you through the day? Check out my 7 Top Tips for Increasing Energy here


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