A New Challenge – 16 Weeks


So the after effects of two weeks overseas with very little exercise and way too much rich food and cocktails was a 5kgs increase on the scales.

I made a concious decision to indulge whilst I was away and so I don’t feel guilty at all. I do however feel bloated, sluggish and cannot wait to get back into my healthy lifestyle and rebalance my body.

I joined a 16 week challenge on Saturday 20th May and as I know if it far easier for me to stick to a plan when I am held accountable I decided that I would set up a page to journal daily about my journey, the good and the bad.

I will be sharing what I am eating, what training I am doing and how I am feeling. There will be pictures of food, pictures of me at the gym, pictures of my progress.

There may even be some Facebook Lives…

I decided to set up a separate Facebook page for this so as not to clog up Energy Queen blog with my daily posts. That way people who are not interested don’t need to follow

So here we go – my starting photos and weight (eek!)


You can find my Facebook page here – like and follow along with my progress, and please invite anyone who you think would be interested ❤



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