Three years ago I picked up my first box of products. Little was I to know what was ahead.

It took me three months to ignore the excuses in my head and give this “shake diet” a go for a month.

I was convinced that it wouldn’t work like I had been told. How could shakes and fasting possibly give me more energy and better performance in my running?

In my mind I would try it for 30 days, maybe lose a few kgs (I would be starving myself after all) and then get my money back having proven to myself that I was right all along.

This was just another quick fix diet where I would deprive myself, starve my body and then end up struggling to maintain my results.

Eventually the weight would go back on like it always did and I would be left feeling a failure yet again.

I almost didn’t even start when Tom told me I had to give up coffee for a month – could this possibly get any worse?

Having been addicted for 30+ years and needing a double shot just to get me out of bed in the mornings I seriously doubted my ability to give it up just like that.

But deep down I was desperate. Desperate for a change.

What if this really did work? What if this really was the one thing that could change everything?

I had to know for sure.

Three years later and I still put these products into my body every single day.

Three years later and my whole life has changed for the better.

I was fed up of feeling overweight, tired and cranky all the time.

All I wanted was to wake up every morning feeling energised and well.

I certainly got that, and a whole lot more.

I feel so blessed that I now get to help others feel as amazing as I did at the end of that first 30 days.

Yes I was sceptical but I had hope that this would work for me. And that’s what I offer to you.

Let me hold that space of belief for you like Carmen and Tom did for me, until you can believe it for yourself 💙

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