A New Challenge – Diary Day One


So the last six months I have let a lot of things slip with regards to my health and it’s time to get back on track. No better way for me to do this than to start a new 16 week challenge.

I am always more disciplined when I am accountable to people other than myself so I have decided to do a daily diary blog, really just to keep me on track.

I believe that the three essential pillars of health are fitness, nutrition and mindset. If one of these is missing then it’s hard to achieve sustainable results. So that’s the structure I will be focusing on throughout my challenge

First things first… the before photos (warning – look away if you are eating !)


My first thought was literally geez look at how white my tummy is! Obviously the rest of me gets a lot of sun from running but I am well past the age of wearing crop tops out in public…

As for my weight – pretty much what I expected. Planning to shift at least 3 kgs in the first month to get me down to a better weight before my next race in 5 weeks time, so that’s my first goal to focus on.


Now for the fitness part

As an ultramarathon runner, the main part of my fitness routine is of course running. Today was a 90 minute road run with the last 20 minutes run at a faster pace.

I was supposed to do a 6 hour trail run but waking up this morning feeling a bit off I decided to have a lie in and swap my runs around, so I have that joy tomorrow now!


The first 70 minutes went well. I chose a route that has a few hills in it and usually my average pace would be around 6.15/km but for some reason I started off doing sub 6’s and felt great so kept it up.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wonder how on earth I was going to manage to up the pace for the last 20 minutes, but every time that thought came into my head I quickly replaced it with something more positive.

And it worked!IMG_20180512_115200_971

Super happy to manage this pace after already running 12km.

Admittedly I was struggling in the last km to hold on but still, overall very happy with the result.

I also decided it’s about time I get back into the gym and tone up (I am sure there is a six pack under there somewhere…) so I headed down to Healthworks to rejoin.

But as they say, abs are made in the kitchen not the gym…

It’s all very well training hard but if your nutrition isn’t on point you are just wasting your time. Whilst I have been still sticking losely to my nutrition plan lately and having my superfood shakes, a lot of crap has also crept back in. Being an emotional eater really sucks – another mindset shift required.

The good news is that I know without a doubt that I will get results from following my plan because I have before, so it’s really just a case of deciding to do it and then having integrity in my food choices.

Today’s menu consisted of a couple of protein shakes, a hard boiled egg, some fruit, and a yummy baked trout fillet with sweet potato and salad as my main meal.



It’s less than I would generally eat but I didn’t have breakfast till almost midday as I tend to run fasted in the mornings.

I also had some sports supplements – energy shot pre workout and electrolyte, creatine and recovery drink with BCAA’s post run.

And of course there was coffee 😉

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