Challenge Day Two – Things Don’t Always Go To Plan

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It’s a little early into the challenge for problems already but that’s life I guess, and it’s how you deal with it that determines your results.

Woke up this morning still feeling tired and it was hard to drag myself out of bed knowing that I had a six hour run to do. But just because I didn’t feel motivated to do it doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to go.

I know that usually once I actually get out there I am fine and end up enjoying it, or at least feeling better than I would have had I not gone and beaten myself up about it.

The plan was to run from Highwood Road to Mt Nebo and back, which is around 43km taking it easy and hiking the hills. All was good until I hit the 10km mark when I suddenly lost all energy and completely bonked. I felt light headed and a little short of breath.

I know that it wasn’t low blood sugar because I had breakfast, and had been taking on electrolytes and gels during the run. I had to make a decision – carry on and hope that I come good, or turn around and head back to the car.

I decided to head back and I am glad I did as things got worse and at times I was struggling to keep my eyes open. I had to walk the whole way back as running was too much of a risk that I would trip and fall.

I have to say at first I was pretty annoyed after having such a good training week so far. But then I thought to myself, what good can come from this? Why has this happened now?

I have been feeling a bit off the last couple of weeks struggling to get up, and I just thought it was the change in the seasons and the darker mornings.

After this morning I realised, I have felt this way before when my iron levels have been too low, which makes complete sense given my increase in training of late. I feel like subconciously I was aware of it but The Universe obviously felt the need to give me a little kick in order for me to do something about it…

So it’s off to the naturopath for me this week to get some tests done and stock up on whatever supplements my body needs right now.

Anyway I still got 20km in to give me 70km for the week, and it was nice to get back out on the trails after all the road sessions this week.


As for my food I could kill for a nice fillet steak for dinner, but that’s not something I keep lying around in the fridge, so I think it will be an omlette as eggs are a pretty good source of iron.

Looking forward to R&R day tomorrow.

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