Challenge Day Four – Sunrise Run

IMG_20180515_063754 (1)

Swapped my usual Tuesday speedwork session for a nice easy sunrise run around the river this morning. Not gonna lie, it was really hard to get going as I am still feeling really tired and achey, but I was glad I got out there.

A trip to the doctors today and seems I have probably got a virus and possibly ear infection too which explains the swollen glands. Had some blood tests which should come back in a couple of days.

She told me I really should take a week off running which did not go down well – I will rest up until I get the results of the tests then see how I feel. And by rest I obviously mean I will go for a walk in the morning rather than a run…

Anyway I hopped on the scales this morning and already down a couple of kgs so that put me in a good mood 🙂

As for my nutrition I usually would have done a two day cleanse but given that I am feeling under the weather and I ran this morning I decided no more fasting this week.

Found some homemade pumpkin soup in the freezer which was just what the doctor ordered. Absolutely love making this in my Thermomix ❤


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