Challenge Day Seven – Morning Walk, Sunset Run

wordswag_1526629698185 (1)

It was such a lovely morning I had to get out for a walk up to Southbank beach and back. Feeling a lot better than I was yesterday πŸ™‚

All this talk of UTA this weekend has me feeling massive FOMO and itchy feet so I decided to go out this afternoon for an “easy” 5k to see how I felt.

Started off easy and breathing a bit laboured but after a couple of kms I got into it and the last two kms were a lot faster (helped by somebody overtaking me and me wanting to try and keep up hehe)

Anyway the good news is I didn’t die πŸ˜‰ so will head out tomorrow for an easy hour. A far cry from the 50k+ that I was supposed to do this weekend, and with BVRT 100 only four weeks ago I am definitely a little stressed out with my lack of training this week, but there is no point overdoing it and delaying my recovery.

Running is my stress release so have been doubling up on my adaptogen herb tonic today to help me manage that and to boost my immune system.


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