Challenge Day Eleven – Back To The Gym


After rejoining the gym a week and a half ago today was the first day I actually managed to get there!

Decided to do the 6am pump class which was interesting… it’s been six months since I did any weight training and years since I did a pump class.

Not sure I would go back, I prefer to do my own thing when it comes to weights. Way too much lower body stuff for me, and all the squats and lunges totally flare my knee issues up.

Not to mention the fact that I will be so sore tomorrow…

And because I went to the gym this morning, that meant that my speedwork session was a late afternoon one again, which was actually pretty nice once I got out there, but hard to motivate myself after a day at work.

It was dark by the time I started my cool down so I walked back along the river and just spent some time appreciating the lights, the sound of the waves on the river, and the fact that I live in such an awesome place ❤

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