Challenge Day Fifteen – Mud, Sand and Puddles


It was lovely not to have to get up early for my long run this morning, because I had 25k to do this evening at Wildhorse. A great opportunity to do a night training run before BVRT in a safe environment as I am not going to go out on the trails at night alone.

Had a pretty chilled out day not doing a lot then headed up around 4pm to make sure I had plenty of time before the 6pm start. We had a fair bit of rain in Brisbane this afternoon and showers predicted all evening so I knew it was going to be wet.

Right from the start my head was not really in the right place and I spent most of the first half of the race telling myself that I should drop down to the 16k when I got to the checkpoint the second time around.

There was mud, there was rain, and there were A LOT of puddles. Add in plenty of sand and overgrown single track plus the fact that I rarely run at night and it was never going to be a fast course for me.

But that’s ok, it was just a night training run for me, although it ended up being more of a mental strength training run as I headed out onto the third loop from the checkpoint completely on my own.

It’s strange being out on the trails in pitch black on your own. In some ways it’s quite scary, but also very calming and peaceful.

I was glad to get back to the checkpoint for the final time before heading back. It helped a lot that I knew the girls running the checkpoint so I looked forward to seeing them again.

After that it was just 5k home and I did catch up and overtake a few on the final section. Got into the finish and spent some time around the fire with a hot chocolate warming up.

Very pleased that I didn’t drop down, and that I managed to run the whole way apart from when the mud and puddles didn’t allow it, even if my pace doesn’t reflect that!

And it’s always nice to get some more bling to add to the collection 😉


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