Step Up! Restarting Couch to 5k

After three months with no running due to a fractured foot, I finally got the go ahead from my specialist to start running again last week. Just in time to participate in the Step Up! Program that my husband and I are running in our business Empowered Health. The Step Up! Health Empowerment program includes a six … Continue reading Step Up! Restarting Couch to 5k



Left my pomegranate tea in the pot for a bit longer than I meant to and this was the colour it came out #nofilter Tasted just like pomegranate juice - finally a fruit tea that actually tastes of fruit 🥝🍊🍎🍏🍐🍑 Thank you T2! What's your favourite non-caffeinated beverage? Comment below 


Chilling on my balcony with my book this morning after my run at Coot-tha. Treating myself to some T2 tea made in my cat teapot 😻 This one is called toasty nougat Giving up coffee doesn't have to be as hard as you think it will be. Contact me to find out how to do it … Continue reading 30 DAY COFFEE DETOX – DAY 9

Accidental Half Marathon

I am currently helping to coach a friend of mine to run a half marathon in a few months time, and it reminded me of my first half marathon and how I didn't train for it... Going back to when I first joined the Lytchett Manor Striders running club, and I had signed up for … Continue reading Accidental Half Marathon

Get out of your head and into your heart – that’s where the magic is

I realised this weekend that I have been hanging out in my head A LOT and this has lead to me making excuses around my running and in particular my goal races. (This will NOT be news to certain people, but hey I am sometimes slow to catch on) Thinking back, the last race that … Continue reading Get out of your head and into your heart – that’s where the magic is

Gone clubbing

After finishing my first 5k I felt a little deflated as I had nothing now to work towards, so a friend suggested I join a local running club, the Lytchett Manor Striders. I was pretty nervous the first time as I arrived at the pub carpark where everyone met after work. I had been worried … Continue reading Gone clubbing

No way I am not a runner! – My journey from couch to 5k

A lot of people ask me - what prompted a self confessed non-runner to suddenly take up running in her mid thirties? After leaving school twenty years previously and vowing NEVER to run again, what happened to change my mind?? I was working for a large gym chain in the UK at the time as … Continue reading No way I am not a runner! – My journey from couch to 5k