Should You Be Drinking Your Skincare?

If you are female then chances are you have some kind of skincare routine. You probably have your favourite creams, lotions and serums that you apply to your face in pursuit of that healthy glow. But have you ever considered starting your beauty regime on the INSIDE? They say that beauty is only skin deep, … Continue reading Should You Be Drinking Your Skincare?

Challenge Week Three

Week three kicked off with Wildhorse @ Night 25km as night training for BVRT miler. Unfortunately I had a bit of a stack and banged my knee hard which meant I needed a couple of days off to let the swelling go down. By Tuesday all was good and I went out for my speedwork … Continue reading Challenge Week Three

Challenge Day Sixteen – Nothing To See Here

After last night's stack at Wildhorse where I went down heavily on my knees, my left one was pretty swollen this morning. Which meant my 20km road back up run wasn't an option. A shame because my legs actually felt pretty fresh. Enforced rest day. Well I guess I could have gone to the gym … Continue reading Challenge Day Sixteen – Nothing To See Here

Challenge Day Fifteen – Mud, Sand and Puddles

It was lovely not to have to get up early for my long run this morning, because I had 25k to do this evening at Wildhorse. A great opportunity to do a night training run before BVRT in a safe environment as I am not going to go out on the trails at night alone. … Continue reading Challenge Day Fifteen – Mud, Sand and Puddles

Challenge Day 14 – Sunset Walk

An hour easy run this morning followed by a beautiful walk along the river and into the city with a friend this evening. The sunset views from Goodwill bridge were amazing. Caught the City Cat from Eagle St to North Shore and spent some time at Eat St Markets - I have never been but … Continue reading Challenge Day 14 – Sunset Walk

Challenge Day Thirteen – Evening Speedwork

A busy day of work and networking meant that I didn't get out until around 4.30 for my speedwork session. Really wasn't feeling it on the warm up but got into it ok. By the time I got to the cooldown I had nothing left so I cut short and walked home. Still feeling so … Continue reading Challenge Day Thirteen – Evening Speedwork

Challenge Day Twelve – So Sore

Not much I can say about today really. Had a late night and disturbed sleep which is unusual for me so when the alarm went off at 4am there was no way I was getting up. I was supposed to do an hour easy run with my run group but I decided I needed an … Continue reading Challenge Day Twelve – So Sore

Challenge Day Eleven – Back To The Gym

After rejoining the gym a week and a half ago today was the first day I actually managed to get there! Decided to do the 6am pump class which was interesting... it's been six months since I did any weight training and years since I did a pump class. Not sure I would go back, … Continue reading Challenge Day Eleven – Back To The Gym

Challenge Day Ten – Hello Monday

Why is it that it's always hardest to get out of bed on a Monday? I had to really push myself to get up this morning when the alarm went of at 5am. For a moment I almost convinced myself to take another hour and run this evening... But in the end my auto-pilot took … Continue reading Challenge Day Ten – Hello Monday

Challenge Day Nine – Back To The Trails

After a very late night of dinner, dancing and a little bit too much red wine I was so happy that I had arranged to meet up with a friend at Mt Coot-tha this morning for a two hour trail run. I may not have wanted to get out of bed but it was just … Continue reading Challenge Day Nine – Back To The Trails