Challenge Week Three

Week three kicked off with Wildhorse @ Night 25km as night training for BVRT miler. Unfortunately I had a bit of a stack and banged my knee hard which meant I needed a couple of days off to let the swelling go down. By Tuesday all was good and I went out for my speedwork … Continue reading Challenge Week Three

Challenge Day Eleven – Back To The Gym

After rejoining the gym a week and a half ago today was the first day I actually managed to get there! Decided to do the 6am pump class which was interesting... it's been six months since I did any weight training and years since I did a pump class. Not sure I would go back, … Continue reading Challenge Day Eleven – Back To The Gym

Challenge Day Five – Gimme The Coffee

After a few days of drinking pod coffee I was craving a double macchiato this morning so decided to treat myself from my favourite  dealer Cheeky Bean - by far the best espresso in West End which has stiff competition! Walking over the road and back was pretty much my exercise for the day - yes … Continue reading Challenge Day Five – Gimme The Coffee

Challenge Day Four – Sunrise Run

Swapped my usual Tuesday speedwork session for a nice easy sunrise run around the river this morning. Not gonna lie, it was really hard to get going as I am still feeling really tired and achey, but I was glad I got out there. A trip to the doctors today and seems I have probably … Continue reading Challenge Day Four – Sunrise Run

Challenge Day Three – Rest And Recover

Rest day today - well ok active rest day 😉 I find it really hard to not do anything so I went for a lovely 5km walk along the river at sunrise this morning. It was surprisingly chilly because I wasn't running. A beautiful crisp morning though, I love this time of year when it … Continue reading Challenge Day Three – Rest And Recover


Three years ago I picked up my first box of products. Little was I to know what was ahead. It took me three months to ignore the excuses in my head and give this "shake diet" a go for a month. I was convinced that it wouldn't work like I had been told. How could … Continue reading 3 YEARS ON – WHAT A RIDE!

A New Challenge – 16 Weeks

So the after effects of two weeks overseas with very little exercise and way too much rich food and cocktails was a 5kgs increase on the scales. I made a concious decision to indulge whilst I was away and so I don't feel guilty at all. I do however feel bloated, sluggish and cannot wait … Continue reading A New Challenge – 16 Weeks

7 Top Tips for Increasing Energy

I know as well as anyone what it feels like to be low on energy. It's how I lived for most of my adult life. Up until a few years ago I was constantly tired, relying on coffee to wake me up in the morning and often having a slump around 3pm where I could … Continue reading 7 Top Tips for Increasing Energy

Why I Gave Up Coffee for 30 Days

I still remember that morning almost 3 years ago when I was challenged to give up coffee for 30 days. My initial thought was one of panic - I can't do that! It wasn't that I didn't want to. I knew that I was addicted, that my body relied on coffee daily in order to … Continue reading Why I Gave Up Coffee for 30 Days

Choose YOU!! Redefine Your Normal in 30 Days

What is your "normal"? What are you putting up with day after day that you are unhappy with, yet haven't made the concious choice to change? Maybe you are not aware that you can actually change - you don't know what you don't know right? Allow me to tell you my story. Three years ago … Continue reading Choose YOU!! Redefine Your Normal in 30 Days