Challenge Day Twelve – So Sore

Not much I can say about today really. Had a late night and disturbed sleep which is unusual for me so when the alarm went off at 4am there was no way I was getting up. I was supposed to do an hour easy run with my run group but I decided I needed an … Continue reading Challenge Day Twelve – So Sore


Three years ago I picked up my first box of products. Little was I to know what was ahead. It took me three months to ignore the excuses in my head and give this "shake diet" a go for a month. I was convinced that it wouldn't work like I had been told. How could … Continue reading 3 YEARS ON – WHAT A RIDE!

7 Top Tips for Increasing Energy

I know as well as anyone what it feels like to be low on energy. It's how I lived for most of my adult life. Up until a few years ago I was constantly tired, relying on coffee to wake me up in the morning and often having a slump around 3pm where I could … Continue reading 7 Top Tips for Increasing Energy


  Most people would agree that it would be great to have more energy at Christmas. Battling through the crowded shops to buy presents at the last minute, wrapping said presents, putting up festive decorations, cooking Christmas dinner, dealing with kids who are high on sugar and excitement...Christmas can be an exhausting time of year! … Continue reading HOW TO HAVE MORE ENERGY THIS CHRISTMAS